Full Moon Findings

May Full Flower Moon
What a beautiful full moon this week!
I hope you managed a glimpse?
Lady Moon was rather resplendent in her glowing entirety, dazzling and imposing in the black velvety sky. According to various folklore and legends the May Moon
is the Full Flower Moon, Blessings Moon and Corn Planting Moon which heralds all aspects of love, for each other, for the land and looking after yourself! 
All week I have had some weird and wonderful dreams, when I was managing to sleep that it is - It's been a week of waking up and looking at the clock to see 3.33 in red square digits
3.30 AM
Feathers courtesy of gallery.yopriceville.com   
taunting me! 

A colleague suggested that it means that the Ascended Masters are with me, the spiritually enlightened who were human in a previous incarnation, great spiritual teachers that are here to let me know I have their love, help and companionship or according to others Angels are present who have a connection with amongst other things communication, psychic abilities, growth and creativity. beliefs that combine the two talk about 333 meaning that my prayers are being answered and they are here to help me understand my life purpose and help me to achieve my soul's mission. Ok.... I wasn't aware that I had prayed for advice with my life's purpose, though I have to admit I had been taking an interest in specialising in a particular area of my field, which is health and social care and have been investigating further training to that end... hmm, in angelic terms 
View From Bidborough Ridge
the number 333 invites you to:

'Use your natural communicative and lightworking skills to aid, assist and serve others in positive and uplifting ways.'  http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.co.uk   

Not for the first time I think I'll consider myself told! 

Wee small hour insomnia and purported visitations aside, I've been out and about exploring pastures new in preparation for my upcoming Big Hike. This week as well as more local haunts, I have enjoyed the country delights of Penshurst, Haysden and Bidborough Ridge - they weren't joking about that ridge either! It looks quite deceiving in this picture but judging by the puffing, panting and burning aches in my muscles - it wasn't! Fabulous views over Weald at Tonbridge and Sevenoaks though. There were a few silent mutterings in my head as I laboured up that hill, if I'm honest,
Glorious Wild Garlic
questioning the sanity of undertaking a challenging 26 point something miles marathon walk next month. This time however, I had company - Liz and Becky who may well have been wondering the same thing! 

We were rewarded though, with breathtaking scenery, flora and fauna, which we all acknowledged we wouldn't have appreciated even 10 years ago, our more mature hormones enjoying a joint refocus on well being and keeping healthy - bikinis and fashion a quest of former years, consigned to the 'stuff it, there's just more of me to love' recycling bin of Room 101 of Womanhood!
What I did notice is that knew what most of the plants were now, old names coming back to the walks of my youth and of course 'good old' google of pink/white/blue hedgerow flowers until I locate the correct one after many of my rambles. The glorious smells that accompanied our walk - fragrant late bluebells, heady notes of wisteria at our 'ahem' pub pitstop and the exotic rich scent of the wild garlic down near the river. We literally stood in amongst it and inhaled it's intoxicating aroma - or stench , depending on how you feel about it! I read a post on a page on facebook last week about foraging and cooking with wild garlic. If I could have carried
Scented Jasmine
it for a further 6 miles, I may have respectfully gleaned some! A bit of research on this and the perfect recipe was unearthed - this simple and gloriously rustic gem - Wild Garlic Pesto.

I might have gone for a wander and a forage today for some and been creative but after a late night paranormal investigation, which I'll tell you about another time, that had me sliding into bed just before 3 and mercifully not seeing 3.33 in, being woken at 9 by indignant and ravenous cats. Any foolhardy thoughts of walking were hastily averted by a spontaneous invite to lunch with my lovely son Dan and his equally lovely partner David at their new apartment - a veritable feast of all things yummy, which left me full and in a mood to rest my legs in the sun in our garden, revelling in the glorious smell of the Jasmine that has burst into life. It seems this week has been an abundant feast of simple sensory delights.

Have A Glorious Week x x 

Reference : http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/angel-number-333.html
Link : https://themoonlightshop.com/blogs/news/18987524-the-flower-moon-in-may


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