Love, Hearts and Flowers

Well it's been a very normal week, whatever that might mean! 
One of those weeks where I think "Help-there's nothing to write about" -  I haven't been out and about doing Goddess things, just a run of the mill week, apart from having a surge of creative ideas and some very visual groundings, meditations and dreams which I have come to expect with the waxing moon.
Couldn't Resist This One!
That alone means that I am aware of the waxing and waning of the moon, so a little Goddess link there then that I wasn't necessarily aware of! 

However on Saturday I popped in the local charity shop in the neighbouring village to check out their jigsaws (rock and roll baby!) for my lovely parents (honestly) and picked up this beauty. I saw the spine of the book and my hand shot out, I think you can all imagine my delight when I saw the front cover with the picture of the Sulis Minerva from the Roman Baths at Bath on the front.  For anyone who hasn't heard of Her, Sulis possibly also meaning Sun was the local  Celtic name for the Goddess of the Springs at Bath, called 'Aquea Sulis' by the Romans who also added Minerva - presumably an attempt to assimilate but also a natural pairing as they shared many similar characteristics  such as  'restitution' (restoration/recompense) of theft and justice - funny how that happens across continents throughout the history of the world?! 
On Saturday night we went to a party and I was delighted to catch up with some friends we lost contact with about 8 years
Quartz Heart Given to Me By
A Dear Neighbour Years Ago
ago, the conversation turned to children and a long discussion followed about not their being able to have them, part of the reason of their self imposed exile. Whilst I know many people who haven't the blessing of a baby to love, the depth of the conversation rocked me to the core and later when we were home moved me to tears at the depth of their pain, their hope, their disappointments and finally their fortitude and strength. My tears weren't of pity but of a deep sense of ignorance - almost guilt or shame that I hadn't really thought about the subject in depth before, that I had blithely assumed like most of us do that this is a natural progression in life. I looked back to the child/maiden that I was, blindly confident of my future imaginary children so ok there are a couple less than I'd envisaged and neither of them are  a rock star or Harley Street surgeon yet but hey, they are pretty
A Present From One Of My Best Friends
blooming amazing to me just as they are! 

It got me thinking though, about the Motherline that constantly calls and whispers to me, the debates about nurture versus nature and about the many  wonderful women I know that have put their time, effort and love into step children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, god children, foster children, adopted children and pupils .... This love must carry itself forward, these children having the blessing of being loved and cherished by additional people must absorb, influence and take on these non genetic characteristics, qualities, beliefs and mannerisms bequeathed to them if not inherited. I can see it it my own children, the influence that my Husband has had on them, those of his lovely late Mum - sayings, mannerisms and even facial gestures. Maybe the mother line overcomes this generational genetic blip in some way and adds facets that are apparent later down the line too..... I think so, I can already see signs of it amongst many of the children and adults I know who have been blessed and loved by a non biological mum, aunt, nan, sister or teacher.
Valentines Day has always struck me as odd!
A Burning Heart...
A martyred Christian saint  as a reason to spend a fortune on cards, over priced flowers, chocolates, bubbly and romantic breaks - now I'm not a cynic, I'm up for those as much as the next person, I just think it's a wry old mixture! Apparently the original St Valentine (there were several) was arrested for conducted weddings of Roman soldiers to Christian and/or non Christian women which was not allowed at the time and whilst not quite promoting free love, supporting inter faith marriages, ok so I like the sound of him a bit more! 

This of course is exactly  around the time of Lupercalia in the pre Christian calendar - Greek and  Roman festivals held around the same date: 13th - 15th February to avert evil spirits, to purify the cities and towns and release health and fertility, with plenty of naked running around  the city, slapping women's hands (with what one wonders?!) for luck and fertility! It sounds more like Beltane to me, we certainly wouldn't want to be doing that here in February - things could drop off! I have yet to find any connection to any
Goddess for either celebration, however the Roman festival may be named for Lupa the She Wolf who myth and legend says suckled the abandoned infant twins Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome - and of course She Wolf is a term to denote a fiercely protective mother ! 
So She was at the root of it all....

It wouldn't be Valentines without the twelve red roses from himself......
I hope you've all a had a week full of love in whatever shape or form it may be.

Have a Blessed Week x x 


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