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Tuesday's Full Moon
Well, what can I say, belated blogging - another new skill I'm getting good at! Mondays are always hectic as I work all day and then the evening, and it seemed to dawn on me over the weekend, particularly on Sunday that giving myself a tight deadline to write my weekly blog and rushing to finish it was totally contradictory to what I was intending to do, when I set out 34 weeks ago - That and it felt more important to enjoy some impromptu family time instead of beavering away at my computer! I've felt the energy of the full moon this last week, it doesn't show up in this photo but it had a beautiful crest around it as she shone her reflected brilliance through the clouds.
I've picked up my Christmas cards and presents that
Lots of Half Started Ideas...
I've been planning to make and put them back down so many times over the last week, my kitchen table is crammed with projects waiting to have life breathed into them but I kept telling myself it was too early to disguise to the anxious nagging voice that they will look amateur, not perfect and people will be scratching their heads wondering what on earth I have made them or it resembles something that a child made in reception or kindergarten... As I was driving to work musing about this, I remembered with some irony the fear and self doubt that I cast into the Samhain Fire as I  asked Goddess to help me shed things that held me back and no longer served 
me. When did they try and squeeze their way back in? 
It was at this point I decided that even if the results were childish, it wouldn't matter - some of my most precious gifts have been cards and drawings or ornaments that the children have made, even more precious because of it in fact and no one I would be giving a gift to would think "bloody hell she's been watching Blue Peter again"  but the complete opposite, they  would appreciate the time I had spent planning, making and creating something rather than diving in the nearest shop to purchase any old thing off the shelf. Turning the radio on, and intending to torture my own ear drums and poor car with some rather loud and
Ready to be Awesome Gifts
joyful singing, instead  I caught a timely and interesting interview -perhaps some of you will have heard of  a lady called Elizabeth Gilbert?  I had never heard of her, but had heard of a film called Eat, Pray, Love - based on her book about her journey of travel and rediscovery in Italy, India and Indonesia, but not really taken much notice of it before.She was talking about her new book which if I got then gist of this right, she was encouraging people to be brave and creative, keen to point out that the art or end product created was the result of the journey not the entire aim. Well, thunderbolts for me there and then for me! The icy wind of the Crone was blowing around me wild and wise, telling me to let go of my fears and self doubts (again!) - it couldn't  be wrong, just unique....

Certainly a
Kindred Spirit!
When I got to work, I joyfully started telling my lovely colleague Liz all about it, and although I kept calling the book "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat" instead (-that could be a gleeful wily Crone's way of telling me to dance again!) she knew what I was referring to and when I turned round to the DVD's - there it was on the shelf! Bubbling with ideas for gifts and projects, I stopped bending her ear and got on with some work, full of resolve to complete these unfinished products and inspired with fresh ideas, even a very big project or two that ties in with the idea of the art illustrating the journey...watch this space! 
The next day the same lovely lady whom I have shared many fascinating and interesting conversations about all things spiritual and weird and wonderful, came in with a couple of magazines for me to borrow, it's by-line being Sharing Spiritual Wisdom..... Certainly some wise woman energy flowing around me this week, Goddess pushing me forward and clearing
Homemade Gifts
my mind, shedding negativity and new wisdom helping me to develop and grow.

So, fully inspired, much to the disgust of my families noses,  I have spent the weekend making more chutney and pickle, some for coffee mornings at work and some for gifts as well as working on a variety of shall we say 'unique' bath potions as presents! So it should be a spicy and smelly Yule all round down here  in Kent this year...you have been warned!!
Christmas  and Yule Cards on the agenda for this week.

Have a Creative and Free Thinking week!! x x


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