As Imbolc Lingers


Belated Blessings of Imbolc to You All!

I hope all of you who celebrate had a beautiful day, with rituals or ceremonies  that inspired you, it already seems a long time ago now! I wasn't actually going to write about Imbolc; Dolls Houses and Brighid were my planned musings for this month but after I ventured out today I changed my mind. I think Goddess may have had a hand in it, to be more specific The Cailleach. And there is no 'may' about it.

As most of you know, I'm a firm believer in the folklore about the Cailleach collecting her winter logs - a dry Imbolc predicting more days of winter ahead, and along with Punxsutawney Phil The Ground Hog at good Old Gobblers Knob, in Pennsylvania (who saw his shadow and legged it this year for the record) the Cailleach was definitely abroad!

My February the first wasn't necessarily bright but it was definitely dry and then of course, less than a week later, like most of the UK, we've had more than a sprinkling of snow. So today I went out for lovely walk - some of you may have seen my little video I posted earlier on my WWMG Facebook page - which you can see here - Woodpecker Woods Live - I took you on a little jaunt through the woods with me, but at the time  I concluded that the woodpeckers had migrated, but guess what I heard as I walked back?  Yep Woodpeckers! I looked it up and some don't migrate, they sit winter out in their nests!

So I've included this little clip too! Dodgy cinematography I know, but it was the sound I wanted to capture!

I had a blissful, if freezing wander, I stood in the frozen wasteland of the old corn field, arms outstretched to ground myself and felt the reluctance of the Cailleach to give up her realm, felt her icy fingers in the wind pull at my hair and remind me that the maiden does not hold full sway yet. So I bade her come and join me. She didn't disappoint. As I walked back through the woods, The frozen snow on one of the trees and stopped in my tracks. For a minute it looked like an old woman, an icy Crone huddled against the tree as she gathered Her fire wood.... (and of course the old face in the tree?)

My Own Personal Cailleach!

Or perhaps I'd just been out there too long! Either way it made me smile and wonder - not for the first time, what message She had for me. My own personal winter is going on a little longer than normal, I'd love to be gadding about like a spring lamb - well when we can of course, but this year, winter is going on for a little longer for me, as I'm having a operation next week, much to my initial irritation - "like I have time for this!" lol, it's no big deal but it's going to slow me down... which I suspect is the plan! It was after I saw Her, that I heard the woodpecker and when I looked their meaning up, once I had defrosted, their spiritual meaning and symbolism? Wisdom, strength, opportunity, resilience and determination - don't mind if I do, please and thank you! 

Grinning to myself at another lesson about to be learnt, I headed for home, and immediately had a more gentle reminder than Brighid hasn't completely abandoned us.
New life peeking through the snow..... She's biding her time.

Brighid's Reminder...

So that's me for now, I shall await the return of Brighid and ponder more on my Dolls House thoughts, allowing them to grow and take a deeper form, until they are ready to spring forth and entertain you all! Until then...

 Have a Blessed Week x x 


  1. Beautiful but I do wish you would warn me about the Knobblers Gob.

  2. Wish the Maiden would hurry up! Nice to hear woodpeckers though.

    1. I know what you mean! It was so wonderful to hear the woodpeckers just after I had spoken about them! I assumed they had migrated for winter x


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