Simple Smudge Sticks

I thought I'd share the information sheet I made for the workshop with you, just in case anyone is getting as obsessed with DIY smudge sticks as me!

Gather a good handful of herbs, flowers and some foliage like the ones described below, keeping all the stalks to one end. Don't worry about them being wet or green, they are easier to work with like that. Sometimes I use bamboo leaves as an outer layer.

Measure a piece of twine/string that is safe to burn to about 5 times the length of your bundle. Use an elastic band to secure the stalk end of your smudge stick. You can remove it or cut it out later.

Fold the twine in half and make a loop about an inch or two long to hang it with. Secure the looped part of the twine round the back of the elastic band end, tie and re-tie very firmly.

Take the twine and cross over from behind all the way down the body of the smudgestick at regular intervals so that you form a criss-cross diamond pattern.

Pull the twine as hard as possible - the dried finished article will shrink.
Secure at the other end and cut off any excess twine and remove the elastic band. Don't worry if you have an uneven end or there are flowers sticking out.

Finally using the loop hang up to dry thoroughly for about 4 weeks. I would recommend not lighting this over a flammable carpet or flooring without a shell or bowl beneath!

For remembrance and warding off 
negativity, wards off bad dreams and 
keep thieves at bay. Attracts faerie energy 
and purifies the air. 

Bay Laurel  
Good for banishing unwanted spirits, sanctifying an area before a ritual, purifying and cleansing. Also enhances psychic ability and dreaming 

Purifying, cleansing and stress relieving, creates a balanced calm atmosphere. Traditionally averts evil spirits form entering a dwelling. 

Rosewater can be worn on clothes as a protection and petals guard against the evil eye. Brings love and good fortune. Encourages friendly spirits.

Attracts love, luck and wealth. Burn to support any money drawing spell. Brings happiness to a home and can increase psychic dreaming 


Helps breaks hexes, curses and negative energies. Renowned for purity and protection. Often used as part of a protection ritual. 

Lemon Balm 
Used to ward off evil and to promote good health and cheer. Traditionally brings joy and peace as well as promoting self nurturing. Associated with reducing stress and encouraging relaxation. 

Positivity and simplicity in overcoming hurdles. Brings purity, harmony and balance to relationships & the home.  

This brings tranquility and humility. Associated with the spirit of the summer and the ability to bounce back after adversity. New life. 


Brings luck and protection, Good for cleansing and purifying. Calls to the ancestors. Symbolic of peace and 
fertility in both sexes.

Of course, there are many, many more! 
These just happen to be the ones in my garden 😊 Blessings Claire x x  


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