Mid Winter Musings

Now don't get too excited.... not a full blown blog!
I just thought I'd share a poem I was inspired to write with you all.  
I hope you enjoy it!


A wide bleak silver sky is lit by the half-hearted rays of a distant sun.
Footfall is muted, stifled - deadened by the hard, frozen land,
Covered by frost it glistens and sparkles as though dusted in diamonds.
The land is still, silent and scarcely inhabited as she sleeps.

The majestic yews and evergreens contrast against the grey skyline,
Wearing their uniform of darkest green, tall and proud
They stand sentinel like, guarding the sleeping realm,
Listening for watchful Blackbird’s call of alarm.

Stark bare and bitter barked trees, devoid of their green finery
Are festooned with bunting of shiny holly and ivy,
Beaded by berries of ruby, jet and opal
 And patchworked with Lichen in hues reminiscent of summer fields.

Beneath me, deep below the cold solid ground underfoot,
Nestled amongst the meandering tree roots, in warm dark earth,
Entwined bundles of wiry furred creatures twitch and snooze,
Safe and snug in their burrows, setts and warrens.

A shifting mist hovers and veils the land in her slumber,
Cloaking her naked bareness, keeping her warm whilst she sleeps and dreams,
Rejuvenates, whilst she nurtures new life in her earthy womb,
Waiting patiently and knowingly for the rebirth of Spring.

Have a Blessed Week xx 


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