Coddiwompling through the Countryside....

A Footpath Suitable For A Coddiwomple..
Mid Winter Greetings to you all! 
What a beautiful week - full of sparkly frosty mornings and magnificent and moody sunrises.
This week I have been mainly coddiwompling - no one panic, it's neither illegal or deviant...
Coddiwomple, what an utterly delicious and curious word! 
I discovered it last week and have been joyfully rolling the word round my tongue every since, dropping it casually into conversation and generally bemusing people left, right and centre!
What a satisfying and quaint word - it's Old English slang, it means quite simply to travel in a purposeful manner or fashion towards a vague or unknown destination. 
Perfect to describe my frequent rambles of both body and mind - I know I'm setting out to walk the land, to hear, see and feel Goddess and beauty all around me, to explore and learn more about me, my Goddess and my world - destination wherever I end up!
The Sun Yawns Over The Frozen Land

I shared my new found vocabulary on facebook and was told that it sums my life up perfectly! I'll take that as a compliment - I think....
This got me pondering about physical, then spiritual, psychological and metaphorical journeys and travels, (I guess these could be described as cerebral coddiwomples?) - and how boring and tedious it would be if we knew exactly where we were headed all the time. With this new wonder of wandering in my head and heart, I have been looking for roads less traveled by myself this week. 
You know when you see a road and you think, I wonder where that goes to? Well I took it to find out! Yes sometimes it went to a dead end, but most times I have ended up on the same road, just with a scenic detour! Just like life.
Birds in Flight as The Sun Rose

I have witnessed so many glorious and truly awesome wintery vistas and sunrises this week that as I pulled over and jumped out of my car to grab a quick peek and photo, I longed for more time to linger to watch the whole performance, so this weekend I hauled my sleepy self out of bed, pulled on the newly acquired thermals and insulated myself with as many layers as I could tolerate and ran, ok I quite quickly coddiwompled out to the three fields to watch the sun rise to my heart's content.
The bemused horses in their field, clad in
Frosty Whiskers
snug quilted winter coats trotted up in hopeful search of carrots and apples from my pockets, their whiskers covered in frosticles from picking through the spiky frozen grass and I managed to startle a few of our feathered friends, but other than that I had 'my' fields to myself to admire the sunrise and capture it's glorious and surprisingly speedy ascent, a real treat in one of my special places. Odd that these fields and the woodlands on the top road call to my soul so clearly. On my return to warmth, a  bit more googling ensued which uncovered some other fantastic words for those who wander, two in particular that resonate with such honest clarity.. SmultroställeSwedish noun: A special place discovered, treasured, returned to for solace and relaxation, a personal idyll free form stress and sadness and  Nemophilist a Greek noun: A haunter of
The Land Awakens
the woods, one who loves the forest or woodlands for it's beauty and solace. 

Wow they truly resonate with me! 
For some more amazing words have a look at these two links Roaming Words and Global Hopscotch  -find some new words to describe your own journeys!

These beautiful sunrises in the past week have really made me aware of the wheel turning, of new life preparing to venture forth through the soil and on the land. Green shoots are braving the frost and trees are beginning to bud. We had a fox pottering about in the front garden, sniffing about for food and there seems to suddenly be a lot more birds around too, foraging for food and chattering at me from trees as I pass below in their woodland. Imbolc is near.

Have a Blessed Week 
and Coddiwomple Forth!!

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