Seeds for the Future

 Berries In Our Front Garden
This week has been one of those ones where I've wanted to bury myself in my bed, hide under the duvet and ignore the world! The trouble with that is that it doesn't tend to solve anything, so soldiering on was on the cards instead. 
I am sooo not Wonder Woman this week! 
As the last fruits of the harvest are being given up by the earth, the surrounding fields are beginning to look stark as they fall silent and still. The bean field has already been ploughed over and left to settle for the approaching autumn, the long lines of gentle ridges
Freshly Ploughed Bean Field
make it look like a thick and chunky brown duvet snuggling the land down, or perhaps that's just me and my wishful thinking!   As we approach the Autumn Equinox on 23rd, (Equinox being Latin for equal nights) and prepare to celebrate Mabon the L
ate Harvest Festival on or around the 20th, the only remaining fruits seem to be the seeds and berries that are preparing to venture forth and lie dormant through the autumn and winter under the soil until they burst into life again next spring.                                                                                            I noticed them everywhere when I went to pick
Hawthorn Berries
my daughter up from work, which was a pretty handy last minute gift from Goddess as I was feeling totally harvested of ideas or what to ramble about and had no pictures to illustrate said ramblings with. This resulted in a very spontaneous but undignified photo opportunity, involving me running round the car park where she works, which fortunately is gloriously situated at the entrance to Maidstone's lovely Millennium Park, snapping photos of the hedgerows, (always the hedgerows with me - I love them!) before she came out of work and I embarrassed her in front of her work colleagues. Clever me, I managed to do it
Sycamore Seeds Growing
Their Wings
before she appeared , and I was sat smugly smiling in the car, when she jumped in laughing and asked "Mum, what
were you doing? Goddessing?" Busted! The sycamore planes were hanging in clumps and I knew that Ker was telling me that there is always a new harvest and new seeds, new growth and that they would take off when the time was good and ready for them. Particularly pertinent this week as we are preparing to say goodbye to a Great Uncle, have a poorly family member and have a lot going on in general - that's families and friends for you, and as C.S. Lewis said 'grief is the price you pay for love' - so true on so many levels. Upwards and onwards!
Old Man's Beard

I've struggled to feel connected to Ker this week, and I know this is mainly because I have been so busy that I haven't made as much time as I could have done to talk to and spend time with Her, and I've really felt it, or rather felt the lack of it. Reflecting on it now, I've missed the fullness of those conversations, the comfort of the rituals and the silence and stillness of the meditations, to the extent that it felt like it was impacting on my physical and psychological well being. 
That said, I managed to ultimately turn the week around  and fit in the second round of preparation for Sophie's present from all the girls and apart from one more friend, we've completed our labours which meant a lovely and well needed evening in full of laughter and fun with even more of my wonderful friends! I also had the pleasure of celebrating another
Sun and Berries
friend's beautiful daughter's 18th this weekend - so I've managed to rebalance, identify and address what I need.......and breathe! 

This last photo I took this evening sums up the message that Ker has sent me tonight, the sun filtering through the undergrowth and seeds ready to sow new growth and ideas, reminding me how blessed I am, rejuvenating and re inspiring me.

I hope you all Have a Wonderful and Blessed Mabon, 
however you choose to enjoy and mark it. 
We will be celebrating our Beautiful Daughters 18th Birthday this coming weekend with a party with Family and Friends, surrounded by love and laughter - how apt for the last Harvest of Fertility and Fruitfulness.

Blessed Be x x 


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