Fruitful Musings

Sun through the Trees
Apologies for the late post dear friends, it's been one of those weeks where there just aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week - well either that or I have overloaded myself.... (Wouldn't be the first time!) Work and life have been extremely busy as well as putting a lot of time and energy into planning my beautiful daughter's 18th birthday party. I will happily share some of it with you after the event in a few weeks times, but I can't yet in case I spoil some of the surprises for her, as despite her protestations of having a 'major hippy' as a Mum, she is fiercely proud and supportive of me and randomly reads my blog! Bless her heart.
Looking slightly more
The appetising marrow mash mixture from last week has 'blossomed' into this luscious yellow  liquid that is busily frothing in my kitchen, bubbling and popping away in it's demijohns. I had a couple more unexpected harvests this week, a client's Mum came into work bearing gifts of rhubarb for me and a computer desk that we were giving away to a friends sister resulted in a bumper crop of rhubarb as a thank you, marvellous! I've always made jams, chutneys and wines, I particularly like the fact that the crops from the harvest are able to be enjoyed the whole year round, presumably why people developed all these techniques before freezers and all year round supplies from abroad were thought of. The thought that I am in some way connecting with my ancestors by preserving fruits and vegetables as they must have done thrills me and connects me more deeply with them.
A Bumper Crop
Thanking Ker for even more unexpected gifts,  I decided that rhubarb and ginger wine was the way forward, much to the delight of my lovely neighbours who 'enjoyed' last years vintage with us and joined us in silly dancing round the lounge as a result! Within no time I had washed and sliced the fragrant stems and chopped up the remainder of the ginger (not one to waste anything if I can help it!) and now we have another bucket of chopped fruit that will soon transform into a delicious drink, real life magic! This year I am thinking that I might use the wine at meals celebrating the Sabbats with family and friends, especially when the wheel is turning full circle, so we can enjoy summer fruit drinks at Imbolc and so on.
Recording Memories
My daughter bought me a special book to write my recipes in for a Mother's Day present several years ago and I also have one for my wine making so that maybe future generations can use the recipes and skills that I have joyfully reclaimed from my ancestors - well hopefully that or marvel at how these odd old fruits weren't extinct in the early 21st century, preferably the former. On reflection, it's also a way in which I particularly connect and honour Goddess, especially Ker throughout the year.

My first Acorn
Earlier in the week one of my lovely circle sisters Rity prompted a discussion about how we connect and honour Goddess as individuals, about how deeply we felt that connection and how at times we have feared that we are less connected or that some others have better and more imaginative connections, meditations or visions etc. ( For the record she is more than happy to be named and acclaimed, I did check!) This really got me thinking about how I connected, honoured and celebrated throughout the wheel of the year with my Goddess, it took me all day to articulate it!
For me it's simple little things, like the  first acorn of the year I saw peeping put from behind the sacred leaves of the oak tree whilst walking to pilates the other week, the smell of the rain as it rejuvenates the land, watching the same rain or dew rise in drifting misty wraiths as the sun dries and warms the land  as well as
A Chilled Purchase
the joy of communing with Her every morning, lighting a candle and incense stick and calling Her in and relishing the peace and stillness of our combined being as I mediate, but it's also there in the bigger, more deliberate or elaborate events, listening to special music to facilitate a meditation, a large Beltane ceremony, a planned pilgrimage to special sacred places, buying 'Goddessy' things or an ornate and painstakingly worked piece of art. It's a beautiful mixture of both, entwining it all into my life, simply living it, so that there seems to be no end or beginning, that She is always there in the extraordinary and the more mundane, that the mundane in it's own way becomes extraordinary. It also made me realise how individual and different we all are in our connections and the way we honour Her, that there is no right or wrong way and that we all do it best in our own unique way.

Have a Blessed and Extraordinary Week x x

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